Wilfried Pletzinger

The fashion designer Wilfried Pletzinger upcycles apparel.  This means he redesignes and upgrades existing garmets.  He develops individual designs out of sportswear. – taking original designs to create sophisticated, wearable fashion with personality and sex appeal.  He refuses to accept any inherent limits found in the original pieces’ patterns, forms, or material. Wilfried Peltzinger is fascinated by the challenge of developing something new, glamorous and contemporary while drawing inspiration beyond just retro, vintage or copycat style.

With his works he creates something unique by bringing the integrity of the fabrics to life in a new form.  Instead of offering fashion with a history Wilfried Pletzinger cuts history from individual parts and pieces.  He weaves them into a whole new story inviting the owner to add their own personal chapter.
In 2011, after three successful years in Stockholm, he moved back to Berlin and opened a studio.
Wilfried Pletzinger’s last shows were shown at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Alternative Fashion Week in London.
His work is already more than just an insider’s tip.

Shop and Showroom
Reinhardtstraße 6 , 10117 Berlin, 
Tue – Sat 1 – 7 pm

Contact: wilfried@w-pletzinger.com
Phone: +4915755199304



Wilfried Pletzinger